I just have not the presuption to consider myself an art reviewer , nevertheless I confess I am a true lover of pictorial disciplines, therefore, very often, I linger over a painting, observe it and read it thoroughly.

If the work is technically well performed, accurate in its strokes, true-to-life, actually too much picture postcardly made (I beg you pardon for the term), and still it lacks personal originality in its chromatic range, in its strokes of the brush and its making up, I judge it just a decorative item, even trite, since I think that its stillness affectedness does not arouse in the observer any deep emotion.

To sum up, I believe that this work does not speak to our hearts, it is like a nice object to hang up, only right for enrich a living room furniture.

My young painter friend Fabrizio Corsi’s works never fall into banality.

Their exhibition makes you dwell upon them, to observe them carefully, to admire them; and surely they will arouse in you, even if you are not an atr expert, an intense delight.

Fabrizio has an instinctive use of colours,he is clever in his strokes, and well-balanced in his composition.

His skilful straight off brushes, always led by heart, get the painting fire with the warm polychrome transparence of atmosphears soaked in mysterious lights.

He sketches with soft archan colours the architecture of ancient blocks of buildings, by changing and shaded esmerald green spots he points out plants and wooded areas, he delicately smears the indigo colour, with frequent changes of intensity, upon the unevenness of hills…

In a word Fabrizio is able to interpret nature in a personal and original way, and he shuns describing her in a strictly unoriginal way.

I could write many more things to point out the beauty of my young friend’s works, to magnify his excellent innate abilities, and above all to talk about his persevering toil searching for ways, materials and means that may offer him the inspiration by which let his great passion for painting go.

And now, after this roughly rambling, but believe me, honest and truthful introductory lecture, your old friend “imbrattatele”(1), fond of painting, gives you affectionately an advice and a hearty good wish. “Fabrizio, you have got a true artist heart, you are and out and out painter… go on, go on… your noteworthy pictorical ability and your stubborn tenacity in seeking, I am sure, will give you great satisfactions.

(1)Who spots canvas, bad painter.













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